I was in the mall last week and I ran across this very soft tee, it felt so amazing to the point where I had to look at the clothing label to see the type of fabric this tee was made of. The name of the fabric that the tee was made from was called Modal; I began to do some researching to find out more about this fabric. 

Okay so let's learn about Modal fabric!!! Modal Fabric is a type of Rayon, it is made from a tree Cellulose called "Beech tree" so I immediately thought it was considered a natural fiber, but then I later realized that it is also comprised of chemicals. Which mean that Modal Fabric is a part of the Artificial Fiber family. 

Although Modal is a type of Rayon it can very easily be confused as cotton, to me it reminded me of a jersey knit material but it was actually much smoother and had a shinier look to it.  Modal fabric is a durable fabric and it's actually more durable than cotton. It holds it shape and it does not get fabric pills also known as the pesky lint balls that can appear on cotton after enough wear and tear.

When caring for your Modal fabric please be sure to read the fabric care label located on the tag inside your garment. Usually Modal is pretty simple to care for. Some Modal requires hand washing only and others can be machine washed and dried. If your label says to hand wash please only hand wash otherwise you can cause damage to the fibers or your fabric may lose its shape. For Modal fabric that is machine wash safe, make sure to pay close attention to what settings the machine has to be on such as water temp. Also,  when drying make sure you are using the correct temperature as well so you do not over heat and melt the fibers.  You may also use a low heat setting when pressing the garment, some say it is best to press the garment while it is still a little damp and then hang it in the closet, because this fabric can easily wrinkle.

Above I only mentioned the Modal fabric in garment form, but actually it is a popular fabric for bed sheets and towels as well. Whatever form that you buy the fabric just please, please, please read the fabric care label so that you may enjoy your smooth beautiful fabric for a long time and get all of your money's worth.

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Posted on January 5, 2017 .

Nostalgic Glass Milk Carton

We all remember that cute little milk carton that we got from the school cafeteria, My favorite flavor was chocolate milk and I would open that carton and stick a straw in the spout and sip away. I love things that bring back childhood memories so a big thanks to www.perchandplace.com we can now revisit that memory in a more permanent way with this cutie!

Posted on December 28, 2016 .